Les expressions anglaises

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Les expressions anglaises

Anthony Bulger
French Source language : FRENCH
English Studied language : ENGLISH
The pack contains :

A 512-page book

If you can master English expressions, you have attained an excellent level of English, as for slang. Even if you don’t have the gift of the gab , if you understand nothing of the news headlines or your favourite series when it’s not dubbed, this nifty, juicy book will soon be a must. It introduces you to over 2,000 expressions in British and US English, in context and with plenty of tips as to usage.

Don’t be out of the loop: buy this book and we’ll put you through your paces! (Il est temps de vous mettre à l’épreuve!)

  • Analysis of over 2,000 expressions in British and US English
  • Effective examples of usage in conversation
  • The origin of expressions
  • English/French correspondence

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