L'anglais par l'humour

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+ 1 book + 1 MP3 CD

L'anglais par l'humour

Henri Yvinec
Collection Assimil English
- (C1-C2) Proficiency
French Source language : FRENCH
English Studied language : ENGLISH
The pack contains :

A 420-page guide and 1 MP3 CD lasting 2½ hrs

What is more typically British than humour? Is there anything more pathetic than a French speaker mumbling in English?

The author of this book, an eminent professor of English, patiently listed the most common errors made by his young and not-so-young students. The idea here is to solve these problems through good humour, more specifically with unforgettable, witty sayings, pithy puns and funny stories to shed light on obscure language.

For these very individual lessons, it also randomly quotes: Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw, Mark Twain, Groucho Marx, Winston Churchill and Woody Allen, to name but a few.

  • Nearly 400 funny stories and witty sayings
  • Explanations of grammar and exercises
  • Pronunciation using the recordings

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Listen to an audio sample :

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