L'argot italien

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L'argot italien

Ingrillì Francesco, Trincavelli Luigi
French Source language : FRENCH
Italian Studied language : ITALIAN
The pack contains :

A 160-page guide

Eh! You have a good grasp of scholarly Italian but it is not enough to understand popular speech? You want to dribble words and get down to business, in short essere del giro(be in the know)? You can gobble this work on slang right up! Fromcalcio (foot) to piovra (mafia), it will take you to the world of mamme, distract you with aserata rimorchio (flirt) and will enthusiastically reveal the secrets ofapparire and commedia dell’arte.

  • Street language, from Milan to Palermo
  • Special features of this idiom
  • Quotes by authors, singers and actors

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