L'argot espagnol

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L'argot espagnol

Belén Ausejo Aldazábal & Juan Córdoba
French Source language : FRENCH
Spanish Studied language : SPANISH
The pack contains :

A 160-page guide

Are you fascinated by the musical accents of Spanish? Wouldn’t you just love to do away with yourguiri (foreign tourist) status and amaze your hosts during your stay? Whether you’re up forir de fiestuqui (partying) to a Latino beat, ligar (flirting) at a bar with pronouncements such as Estoy por tus huesos (I got you under my skin), or getting you to practise entradas (tackling) and bicicletas (stepping) in a frantic stadium, this guide will help you llegar y besar el santo(get it right first time)!

  • Street language, from Barcelona to Seville
  • Sex, money, sport and so on.
  • Quotes from songs, series and films

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