Spaans in de Praktijk (book only)

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Spaans in de Praktijk (book only)

Francisco Javier Antón Martínez, Carine Caljon & Anne Hoorelbeke
Collection Perfect your skills
- (B1-B2) Intermediate > (C1) Proficiency
Dutch Source language : DUTCH
Spanish Studied language : SPANISH
The pack contains :

A 448-page book with 60 lessons

Advanced Spanish course for Dutch speakers

This book is a must to improve your knowledge of Castilian. In addition to helping to perfect your language skills, it provides an introduction to Hispanic culture. These 60 lessons teach an extensive, more specialised vocabulary, as well as a good grasp of grammatical nuances and syntax.

  • Idiomatic expressions and linguistic subtleties
  • Major additions to your vocabulary
  • A variety of texts

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