Lo sloveno in tasca

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1 conversation guide

Lo sloveno in tasca

A. Wiseler & M. Bondesan
Italian Source language : ITALIAN
Slovene Studied language : SLOVENE
The pack contains :

A 192-page guide

A Slovene conversation guide for Italian speakers

Slovenia’s geographic location has made for a chequered history, with its language as a rallying point. Close to Serbo-Croat, Slovene is the native language of some 2 million people, and since 2004, one of the 20 official languages in the European Union. If you are planning a escapade in Slovenia – which affords splendid mountain scenery and seascapes where nature has been beautifully preserved – this guide will come in handy. It will provide all the ingredients for you to make yourself understood in everyday life: a little grammar to provide structure for your thoughts, practical expressions for the journey, useful vocabulary and information on local customs.

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