Il croato in tasca (1 book + 1 audio CD)

Il croato in tasca (1 book + 1 audio CD) ©Assimil – images non-contractual View larger

+ 1 guide + 1 audio CD

Il croato in tasca (1 book + 1 audio CD)

Dragoslav Jovanović & M. Bondesan
Italian Source language : ITALIAN
Croatian Studied language : CROATIAN
The pack contains :

A 176-page guide and a 60-minute audio CD

A Croat conversation kit for Italian speakers

As a popular tourist destination, Croatia will be even more pleasant if you know the rudiments of the language. The guide features key words, useful sentences on various themes, common expressions and a considerable lexicon to get down to basics in oral communication.

Ideal to prepare for a quick break or business trip, this conversation kit comprises:

- A conversation guide for you to learn the key words, basic grammar, common expressions and local customs, with a lexicon of over 2,000 words.

- An audio CD to practise your comprehension and pronunciation containing 60 minutes of bilingual recordings: the important words and phrases in the guide sorted into various themes.

  • Important words and phrases
  • A very rich lexicon
  • Pronunciation using the recordings

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