Platt lorrain de poche

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Platt lorrain de poche

Kieffer Jean-Louis
French Source language : FRENCH
Lorrain Studied language : LORRAIN
The pack contains :

A 192-page guide

Taking in Lorraine, to be precise the Moselle department, you will hear a language not to be confused with German or Alsatian. This is Franconian, also known as “Platt", a Germanic language spoken from Thionville to Sarrebourg. It’s the language of the Francs brought up to date, of course!

This guide is brimming with fun and picturesque expressions, for you to discover the charm of Low German quite simply. The author provides an introduction to grammar, everyday, useful vocabulary and set phrases, many of which reflect the poetry of this language full of surprises.

  • Key words and important phrases
  • A lexicon of over 2,000 words
  • Pronunciation in detail

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