Yiddish (superpack)

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+ + 1 book + 4 audio CDs + 1 MP3 CD

Yiddish (superpack)

Nadia Déhan-Rotschild, Annick Prime-Margules & Heather Valencia
Collection With Ease
- (A1-A2) Beginner & False beginner > (B2) Intermediate
English Source language : ENGLISH
Yiddish Studied language : YIDDISH
The pack contains :

A 768-page book with 85 lessons, 4 audio CDs and 1 MP3 CD with 1,584 files lasting 2½ hrs

Yiddish course for English speakers

With 85 fun-packed lessons, the authors introduce you step by step to the world of Yiddish: the language, of course, but also the culture, since the two are intertwined. The written language has not been left out: introduced in a simple, progressive way, in print characters for reading and in script to teach you to write, you will assimilate it with ease. After a few months, you can communicate with Yiddish speakers from all over the world, and start enjoying Yiddish literature for real.

The recordings include all the texts in Yiddish for each lesson and the translation exercises from the book. These progressively more challenging texts have been recorded by professional native speakers. You can download all or part of the MP3 CD recordings on your MP3 player.

  • The only course available
  • Lively, progressive dialogues
  • An introduction to writing

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