The Assimil method

Founded in 1929, Assimil is available in nearly 100 countries and has sold millions of learning methods in 13 different source languages.
What exactly is the Assimil method? Who is it aimed at? What results can I expect? Assimil tells you all about it.

The Assimil method: Learning languages is child’s play

The Assimil method makes learning foreign languages intuitive, in the same way as children learn their native language.

Children hear people talking every day. They assimilate the sounds and their meaning, repeatedly try to reproduce them before beginning to form their own sentences.

The Assimil method replicates this process, adapting it to teenagers and adult learners. Learning is progressive.

Who is the Assimil method aimed at?

The Assimil method is intended primarily for adults or teenagers from the age of 15. There is no age limit for learning a foreign language.

Whether it's a question of refreshing old knowledge, stimulating your brain, improving your communication skills when travelling or furthering your career, the key success factors are motivation and perseverance.

How does the Assimil method work?

Learning a language with the Assimil method is a two-stage process, namely the impregnation phase (lessons 1 to 49) and the activation phase (lesson 50 onwards).

The impregnation phase

In this phase, learners soak up the language and its sounds in daily 30 to 40 minute lessons. They read, listen, repeat and then complete some exercises to check their new knowledge.

Every 7 lessons, a revision lesson reviews everything that has been learned in the 6 previous ones in order to consolidate their knowledge.


The activation phase

During this phase, learners begin to form their own sentences. They have to reproduce the statements that are given in French in the foreign language, concealing the answers. The lessons in the activation phase also offer the opportunity to review the lessons from the first phase.

Notes are given as the lessons progress. These explain the grammatical rules and give information about the culture.

How long does it take to learn a language?

The Assimil methods allow you to reach level B2 with the Sans Peine collection and level C1 with the Perfectionnement collection.

This is the average level reached after 4 to 5 months of work at the rate of 30 to 40 minutes per day.

Assimil methods exist in the classic format of a manual + an audio support, or in digital format for Mac or Windows, Android and iOS.

What languages can be learned with the Assimil method?

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