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How do I activate the complete version of the e-course on iOS?

To recover the complete version from a mobile iOS device (iPhone or iPad), start the "Assimil" app ("Assimil - Learning languages" in the App Store).

Swipe to the right on the main screen to bring up the connection panel (1).

At the top of this window, select your avatar or icon (2).

Log off and then log on again with the e-mail address linked to your licence. This is generally the e-mail address you used when making your purchase from the Google Play Store, the App Store or the Bookari Store, or when registering your delivery code on the delivery website if you purchased your course from or via an Applivre pack.

Important: if your e-mail address is a Gmail address, you must select “Connect with Google”.

When logging on for the first time, if the app does not ask you to choose a password, your password will be the same as your e-mail account.

Once connected, the Refresh button of the menu revolves until the list of your courses has been retrieved.

The complete version will be downloaded automatically when starting the course (1) if you are logged on. A blue-green progress bar (2) will then be visible below the image of the course.

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