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Which devices are compatible? On how many devices can I install the app? Do I need an internet connection?

Purchase of the e-course enables you to install the app on three different mobile devices, whether a tablet or smartphone, iOS or Android (with access to Google services and apps). When completing your 4th installation, you will have to deactivate the e-course on one of the 3 devices you have previously used. For these devices, once the e-course has been installed and the full version downloaded, you will not need the internet to use it.

You can also install the e-course on as many macOS or Windows PCs as you wish, but only one device at a time can be used and you will need an internet connection.

Note: the app is not compatible with Chromebook !

The process must be repeated for each device used. There is therefore no synchronisation between different devices.


You must connect to each device with the same e-mail address, the one you selected to link with the licence when registering your product.

The e-course is therefore compatible with the following 4 environments:





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