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What is the procedure for studying an Assimil lesson?

The secret with the Assimil method is to do one lesson a day, and if possible, every day.

Before you start, you should read the introduction and let yourself be guided by the advice you will be given.

Your assiduity in learning will enable you to learn naturally and sustainably by exploiting your ability to assimilate concepts intuitively, just like a child learning its mother tongue or like someone on a long-term stay abroad.

The lesson proceeds as follows:

- Read the dialogue in the language you have learnt and compare it with the translation, which also shows the construction of each sentence; listen to the audio recordings if you have them (otherwise use figurative pronunciation) and repeat the dialogue several times, trying to give the sentences the right intonation.

- Read the notes related to the dialogue and start to associate them with what you have just seen in practice.

- Do the translation exercise by listening to the audio recordings and repeating the sentences, then complete the second exercise, either orally or in writing.

- At the end of the lesson, you will sometimes be given cultural notes and a cartoon.

You should never force yourself to memorise, unless otherwise indicated.

If you have difficulty with any of the exercises, it is best to repeat the lesson the next day.

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