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How do I download the e-course to my device?

If you purchased the e-course on our website or from a bookstore via an AppLivre pack, you will have registered a delivery code on the website You can therefore sign in again to your account on this site to download the e-course to the device of your choice.

You can download the Windows and macOS versions directly from the website product page. Then select the e-course you wish to download from the list offered here .

For the iOS and Android versions, you can download them directly from the App Store (“Assimil Learning Languages” app) or from the Google Play Store (assimil ‘Language name’ app).

To obtain the complete version of the course, log on to the app using the e-mail address linked to your licence (the address used when registering the delivery code on or when making your purchase directly on iOS or Android).

For further details about getting the complete version of your course, click on the link for your device:


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