Arabe algérien de poche (1 book + 1 audio CD)

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+ 1 guide + 1 audio CD

Arabe algérien de poche (1 book + 1 audio CD)

Daniel Krasa & Michel Quitout
French Source language : FRENCH
Arabic Studied language : ARABIC
The pack contains :

A 192-page guide and a 60-minute audio CD

Whether you want to reconnect with your origins or are simply curious about Arabic as spoken in Algeria, this conversation guide provides you with key words, basic grammar, useful phrases and common expressions. A lexicon of over 2,000 words provides you with all the vocabulary you need while travelling.

The conversation kit contains the guide and an audio CD with approx. one hour of bilingual recordings for you to practise your comprehension and pronunciation, covering the main points in the guide.

  • Important words and phrases
  • A very rich lexicon
  • Pronunciation using the recordings

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