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Perfectionnement Russe

+ + 1 Buch + 4 Audio-CDs + Audio-Download
Victoria Melnikova Suchet
Buchreihe In der Praxis
- (B1-B2) Selbstständige Sprachanwendung > (C1) Fachkundig
Französisch Ausgangssprache: FRANZÖSISCH
Russisch Erlernte Sprache: RUSSISCH

Superpack with download: A 672-page book with 70 lessons, 4 audio CDs and 1 MP3 audio download with 2,062 files lasting 3 hrs 40 min.

62,46 €

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Das „Download-Superpack“ ist ein physisches Produkt.

Es enthält ein Buch, Audio-CDs und einen Liefercode, mit dem Sie die Audio-Aufnahmen im MP3-Format von unserer Website herunterladen können.

Sie haben also erst dann Zugang zu Ihrer kompletten Methode, sei es das Buch oder die Aufnahmen, wenn Sie Ihr Set erhalten haben.

(Dieses Set bietet keinen Zugang zum e-Kurs).

This work caters to those who already have a basic grasp of Russian and wish to consolidate what they have learned and raise their game. It looks at all the themes representing Russian society: from culture (art, literature, fashion etc.) to the economy (business Russian) not forgetting scenes from everyday life (family, relationships with a partner, neighbours, in the city etc.). After every seven lessons, you get in-depth explanations of notions of grammar already learned and details for the most complicated. Learners remain upbeat because our advanced course is full of fun, featuring all sorts of jokes that reflect Russian mindset. The aims:

  • speak Russian, adapting easily to the environment you are in,
  • gain better insights into idiomatic expressions,
  • understand Russian films without dubbing,
  • read the general-interest and specialist press,
  • understand conversation with people from various parts of Russia (different accents are mentioned in the pronunciation remarks).

The recordings include all the texts in Russian for each lesson and the translation exercises from the book. They have been recorded by professional native speakers. 

  • Idiomatic expressions and linguistic subtleties
  • Lots of new vocabulary
  • A variety of texts

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