Bienvenue au Japon !

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Bienvenue au Japon !

Collection Bienvenue !
- (A1-A2) Beginner & False beginner
French Source language : FRENCH
Japanese Studied language : JAPANESE
The pack contains :

A 80-page book

Two teenagers, a brother and sister, head off to Japan to visit a friend who lives in Tokyo with her parents.

This is their first trip to Japan and together they discover the country while enjoying a month-long summer holiday.

Their journey is based on the JR rail pass, which provides foreign travellers with unrestricted use of the Japanese high-speed train service, the shinkansen.

Together, on a journey from Tokyo to Okinawa and taking in Hokkaidô, they discover Japan’s customs, its rich culture, manga, the cuisine, the amazing landscapes, the nature and the history of this inspiring and captivating country.

The story is accompanied by superb pictures by the Italian watercolour painter Carola Zerbone!

€ 14,12

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