e-méthode Perfectionnement Anglais

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An application compatible with android, iOS, Windows and macOS

e-méthode Perfectionnement Anglais

Anthony Bulger
Collection e-courses
- (B1-B2) Intermediate > (C1) Proficiency
French Source language : FRENCH
English Studied language : ENGLISH
The pack contains :

Downloadable application compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and macOS

70 lessons

Here is the legendary Assimil method, now available in a version for Android smartphones and tablets, iPad, iPhone and PCs using Windows and macOS.

The Assimil e-learning method reproduces the brand’s highly successful pedagogy and teaching method. The content remains the same as for the hard copy version. It uses lively, modern dialogue, making learning friendly and fun and above all more effective using the interactive features that open up new perspectives:

  • you can record your voice and compare your pronunciation to that of the recordings;
  • systematic display of all new words learned in each lesson;
  • translation exercises available that can be used in two different ways (multiple-choice questions and fill-in sentences);
  • your results are displayed and assessed;
  • the pronunciation is displayed for each sentence in the dialogue, along with any special remarks;
  • systematic referring to the lessons to constantly check what you have learned;
  • revision lessons referring back frequently to lessons you have studied;
  • lexicons enhanced with an automatic word search feature providing the translation and references to the lessons for context;
  • you can practise the active learning phase with a new, “second wave” interactive audio exercise.


Desktops and laptops

The app can be installed on as many macOS or Windows computers as you like, but it cannot be used on more than one device at a time.

  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 minimum (32 or 64 bits)
  • macOS 10.10 minimum
  • Internet requirements
  • Not compatible with Chromebooks!

Tablets and Smartphones

You can install the e-course on three mobile devices, such as iOS and Android smartphones or tablets. If you want to install the app for a fourth time, you will have to deactivate it on one of the other devices.

  • Android: compatible with the latest version and three prior versions.
  • iOS: compatible with the latest version and two prior versions.
  • Optimised for a minimum 4.7-inch screen.
  • Internet requirements only to install the application and update it (not required for learning).

Warning ! Access to Google services and applications is required in order to be able to sign in and download the full version of the method.

General Terms and Conditions for use

Download the trial version and test the first seven lessons!





Developed by Mantano.

Frequently Asked Questions

The purchase of the e-method allows you to install the application on three different devices such as tablets and smartphones iOS or Android (with access to Google services and applications). After the 4th installation, you will then be forced to deactivate the e-method on one of the 3 devices previously used. For these devices, once the e-method is installed and the full version downloaded, you do not need the Internet to use it.

You can also install the e-method on as many macOS or Windows computers as you wish, but only one device can be used at a time and Internet connection is required to use.

(Please note that the application is not compatible with Chromebooks.)

The progression is specific to each device used. So there is no synchronization between the different devices.

You will need to log into each device with the same e-mail address, the one you chose to associate with the license when registering your product.

The e-course is therefore compatible with the following 4 environments:





La licence concédée pour l'utilisation de la e-méthode n'est pas limitée dans le temps. Elle reste valable tant qu’elle est utilisée sur un appareil compatible et pour laquelle elle a été testée, validée et vendue.

La licence reste en vigueur pendant la durée légale des droits d’auteur et de propriété intellectuelle détenus par ASSIMIL sur l’Application. (La licence sera cependant immédiatement retirée au cas où l'Utilisateur ne se conformerait pas aux termes des CGU (chapitre 5.2).)

You can of course test the e-course. The first 7 lessons are accessible free of charge. This will also allow you to check that the proposed level meets your expectations.

You can download the Windows and macOS versions directly from the site's product sheet. Then select the e-method you want to download from the list offered here and then click on the "Windows" or "macOS" link.

For the iOS and Android versions, you can download them directly from the App Store (“Assimil Learn languages” application) or from the Google Play Store (“Assimil 'language name” application).

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