Anglais ou Américain ? les différences à connaître

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Anglais ou Américain ? les différences à connaître

Carlier François
French Source language : FRENCH
English Studied language : ENGLISH
The pack contains :

A 160-page guide

Does English no longer hold any secrets for you? Are you sure of that?

While it is the same language, there are very many differences between the British and US variants. For example, a curriculum vitae in Great Britain is a résumé in the US; a British shop is a store in the US, and the list is goes on!

To help you size the situation up, this guide covers the main differences you’ll need to know. So you can use the right words to make yourself understood without any issues and avoid misunderstandings on either side of the Atlantic!

Visit the blog by author , François Carlier

  • Revised and expanded edition
  • All the subtleties and idioms
  • 1,500 closely investigated words

€ 5,21

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