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Lo Slang Americano

1 conversation guide
Jacqueline Reuss & Mario Kraus
Italian Source language: ITALIAN
American English Studied language: AMERICAN ENGLISH

A 160-page guide

€ 5,59

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American slang guide for Italian speakers.

You have a good grasp of the differences between British and US English but you understand nothing of your favourite US TV series without sub-titles? That sucks! (Ça craint!)

If you’re out to learn the strait-laced language as spoken in Boston, this work is not for you. On the other hand, if you meet the love of your life in LA, San Francisco or Chicago, you need to be able to say: You\'re a total dime! .

All everyday situations and the expressions to fit, even and above all the most trivial, are examined with a caustic humour and many quotations.

  • A great contemporary state of the language
  • The language of TV series, hip-hop and the street
  • The words for money, sex, and sport!


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