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English, love, etc. - Per una pratica stimolante...

1 book
Bulgerr Tony
Collection Languages...
- (B1-B2) Intermediate > (C1) Proficiency
Italian Source language: ITALIAN
English Studied language: ENGLISH

A 128-page book

€ 11,28

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English, love, etc. - My naughty revisions for Italians

Let's talk about sex, maybe? Why not maintain your English with humor (and love) through a series of activities, games and exercises on this theme, in an original volume that will also allow you to learn more about British civilization?

The Languages, etc. collection presents a unique principle: around a theme that you like, attract or are passionate about, you maintain your language level with games and exercises, without even realizing it.

  • Exercises
  • Games
  • Culture


Recordings of all the texts and translation exercises are available separately. Recorded by British actors, they are a vital learning asset. The title: English- 4 audio CDs (9782700518115), 1 MP3 CD (9782700518122), 1 USB stick (9782700518214) or 1 MP3 download (3135414906789).

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