Korean (phrasebook only)

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1 conversation guide

Korean (phrasebook only)

Inseon Kim & Bum-Joon Park
English Source language : ENGLISH
Korean Studied language : KOREAN

A 160-page guide

A Korean conversation guide for English speakers

Do you feel the appeal of the Land of the Morning Calm, its ancient culture or exciting tech development? The creator of the famous Assimil method has designed an indispensable companion when travelling to Korea.

Korean is not reputed to be an easy Oriental language. On the other hand, you don't need to learn complicated conjugations and declinations by heart, nor worry about verb tenses or past participles, as in some Western languages! The same goes for pronunciation. You merely have to reorganise word and sound sequences.

  • Introduction to the language: 21 Korean lessons
  • Important words and phrases
  • All pronunciation rules
  • All travel situations

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