Rromani de poche

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Rromani de poche

Mozes Heinschink, Daniel Krasa & Medo Gurbetovski
French Source language : FRENCH
Rromani Studied language : RROMANI
The pack contains :

A 192-page guide

As a language that originated from the Indo-Gangetic Plain, Roma crossed Asia with its people in the 11th and 12th centuries – hence its Indian and Persian roots, not to mention Greek, Armenian, and even Georgian! They finally settled as from 1300 in Eastern Europe. Descending from this long historic migration, the Rroms are 98% sedentary nowadays. Roma has also borrowed from Slavic languages and Romanian, Germanic languages and Hungarian.

With an introduction to grammar, pronunciation, some everyday expressions and a lexicon of over 2,000 words, this guide will help you become familiar with a rich and diverse culture that remains mysterious to many.

  • Important words and phrases
  • A very rich lexicon
  • Pronunciation in detail

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