L'arabe (audio CD pack)

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+ 1 book + 4 audio CDs

L'arabe (audio CD pack)

Schmidt Jean-Jacques / Halbout Dominique
Collection With Ease
- (A1-A2) Beginner & False beginner > (B2) Intermediate
French Source language : FRENCH
Arabic Studied language : ARABIC
The pack contains :

A 792-page book with 77 lessons, 4 audio CDs lasting 3 hrs 20 min

Arabic is the official language of 22 countries, accounting for approx. 300 million Arabic speakers worldwide. The Arabic taught is that of the press, radio and television: practically the same throughout the Arabic-speaking world. This common language, known as unified modern Arabic, is very close to classic or literary Arabic.

You are very progressively introduced to Arabic characters and the rudiments of the language. You easily learn to read and assimilate many simple constructions and phrases used in everyday life. Gradually, you gain the means to make yourself understood in an Arabic-speaking country. The tips accompanying the lessons guide you step by step to independence. Once you have finished, you will be able to understand the press and radio and express yourself in all common situations in everyday life.

Available in this box set on audio CD, the recordings include all the texts in Arabic for each lesson and the translation exercises from the book. These progressively more challenging texts have been recorded by professional native speakers.

  • Lively, useful dialogue
  • Carefully-constructed progression
  • Pronunciation using the recordings

- +

Listen to an audio sample :

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