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Niederländisch ohne Mühe heute

1 book
Léon Verlee - Adaptation Marieke Rabe
Collection With Ease
- (A1-A2) Beginner & False beginner > (B2) Intermediate
German Source language: GERMAN
Dutch Studied language: DUTCH

A 480-page book with 84 lessons

€ 28,34

- +

Dutch course for German speakers

This language is nice and easy to assimilate provided you do devote a little time every day. You really can learn Dutch with ease! The grammar is relatively concise and the spelling practically phonetical. Within five months, you will be capable of making yourself understood in the Netherlands and Flanders.

  • Lively, useful dialogue
  • Carefully-constructed progression
  • Systematic revision


Recordings of all the texts and translation exercises are available separately. a
The title: Het nieuwe Nederlands zonder moeite - 1 MP3 download (3135414907601).

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