Tschechisch ohne Mühe (book only)

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Tschechisch ohne Mühe (book only)

Olga Spilar & Judit Randack
Collection With Ease
- (A1-A2) Beginner & False beginner > (B2) Intermediate
German Source language : GERMAN
Czech Studied language : CZECH
The pack contains :

A 618-page book with 92 lessons

Czech course for German speakers

Spoken by over ten million people, Czech is one of the most ancient and rich languages in Europe. With this book, you too will be capable of conversing in this exciting language, within six months' study, using up-to-date vocabulary. Do you have a robot at home? Do you like dancing the polka? You may not know it, but you already know two Czech words! The 92 lessons in this course will help you learn much more about literary Czech, as used in the media and administration.

  • Lively, useful dialogue
  • Carefully-constructed progression
  • Systematic revision

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