Inglés Intermedio

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Inglés Intermedio

Hélène Bauchart & Belén Cabal
Collection Workbooks
- (C1-C2) Proficiency
Spanish Source language : SPANISH
English Studied language : ENGLISH

A 128-page exercise book

220 English exercises for Spanish speakers

This highly practical yet playful exercise book, has been designed specifically for English students with a decent level but who wish to refresh their knowledge of English or go a little further. There are over 200 progressively challenging exercises designed as games, along with answers. At the end of each chapter, you can also self-assess your language level. Conjugation, prepositions, spelling, pronunciation: no aspect of the language has been left out!

  • Over 200 English exercises
  • Games, multiple-choice questions, fill-in exercises etc.
  • Grammar, conjugation, spelling, pronunciation
  • Test your level with the self-assessment feature

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