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I cannot log in to the e-course. Why?

* The authentication system for the Assimil e-course is based on the services offered by Google.

Access to "Google Mobile Services" (GMS), and to Google services in general - whether on computers (Windows or macOS) or on smartphones and tablets (Android or iOS) - is therefore mandatory in order to be able to log into the app and access the full version of the method.


- Your Android smartphone or tablet must be compatible with Google services and apps; some smartphones lack Google's services, such as some Huawei brand devices for example.

- You must log on from a country that does not block or censor Google services, such as China.

* If you are using Windows or macOS

- If the connection is offered within the app and not in a browser, this means that your version of the e-course is too old. You will probably not be able to sign in. If this is the case, please download the latest available version of your e-course directly from the website product page.

- If you are using Firefox and it is defined as the default browser, in very rare cases it may not function correctly. If this is the case, please install Google Chrome, for example, and define it as the default browser to ensure that it is used when starting the app.

- After logging on in the browser, if the app displays an error message such as “Page not found” in the title bar, this can be resolved by restarting the app after closing all open browsers to make sure there are no open tabs or pages.

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