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How do I use the MP3 files (on my USB stick, MP3 CD or downloaded)?

Loading to your MP3 reader

  • To load files to your MP3 reader, please refer to the user instructions of your device.
  • For optimum utilisation of your audio course, we do not recommend using shuffle mode.
  • Depending on the capacity of your MP3 reader, you can download a larger or smaller number of files on your USB stick or MP3 CD.

Displaying phrases

The contents of the USB stick or MP3 CD makes it possible to display the text of lessons on your reader or PC. However, this display function depends on the ability of your reader to read the “Title” or “Lyrics” information of the MP3 recordings, notably the display of non-Latin characters (see the instructions and updates of your device).

(Consult the corresponding Help function.)

Content description

The first file contains all the lessons of the course. It is entitled “ASSIMIL followed by course name“ (example: “ASSIMIL English”). There are the same number of MP3 files as recorded lessons of the course.

Folder mp3 file (*) ID3 Tag TITLE (*) Content
ASSIMIL French L001-LESSON.mp3 L001-LESSON-French ASSIMIL Full text of lesson 1
L002-LESSON.mp3 L002-LESSON-French ASSIMIL Full text of lesson 2
L113-LESSON.mp3 L113-LESSON-French ASSIMIL Full text of lesson 113

Each subsequent file corresponds to a lesson of the course and therefore contains the same number of MP3 files as spoken phrases and translation exercises of the lesson. The “Album” search function of your reader provides direct access to the lesson of your choice.

The table below presents the structure of the MP3 files of a lesson. Example: The file for Lesson 1 entitled “L001-English ASSIMIL” of the “English” course of the “With Ease” collection.

Folder mp3 file (*) ID3 Tag TITLE (*) Content
L001-French ASSIMIL N1.mp3 N1-Première leçon Lesson number
S00-TITLE.mp3 S00-TITLE-À Paris Title of the lesson dialogue
S01.mp3 S01-Pardon, madame. Où est le métro Saint-Michel ? Dialogue sentence 1
S02.mp3 S02-Le métro Saint-Michel ? Attendez une minute... Dialogue sentence 2
T00-TRANSLATE.mp3 T00-TRANSLATE-EXERCISES Title of translation exercise
T01.mp3 T01-Je suis à Paris ; nous sommes à Paris. Exercise sentence 1
T02.mp3 T02-Vous êtes sûr ? Exercise sentence 2
T05.mp3 T05-Mais bien sûr ! Exercise sentence 5

(*) L = Lesson - N = Number - S = Sentence (Dialogue sentence) - T = Translate
X = eXtra (occasional bonus features such as quotations, proverbs, additional exercises, etc)

Thanks to this structure, you can listen to your course in one go, lesson by lesson or phrase by phrase.

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