Kroatisch ohne Mühe (book only)

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Kroatisch ohne Mühe (book only)

Sineva Bene Katunarić &
Collection With Ease
- (A1-A2) Beginner & False beginner > (B2) Intermediate
German Source language : GERMAN
Croatian Studied language : CROATIAN

A 624-page book with 100 lessons

Croat course for German speakers

Croat is a South Slavic language akin to Russian. Since the transition to democracy in 1990, it has regained its status as the country’s official language. Unlike Serbian (deemed to be the same language until the breakup of the states of former Yugoslavia), Croat uses the Latin alphabet plus a few extra signs, making it easier to learn for French speakers.

This very progressive course, teaching over 2,000 words and expressions, gives you the basics needed to express yourself in everyday life.

  • Lively, useful dialogue
  • Carefully-constructed progression
  • Systematic revision

€ 23,60

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Note :

Recordings of all the texts and translation exercises are available separately. Recorded by Croat actors, they are a vital learning asset. The title is:Hrvatski-1 MP3 download (3135414906888).

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