Hiéroglyphes Les bases

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1 writing exercise book

Hiéroglyphes Les bases

Jean-Pierre Guglielmi
Collection Workbooks
- (A1-A2) Beginner & False beginner
French Source language : FRENCH
Hieroglyphics Studied language : HIEROGLYPHICS

A 128-page exercise book

This writing exercise book has been specially designed to help you learn to trace the most complex hieroglyphs. Gardiner's Sign List serves as a model, with the signs reproduced schematically and in cursive for more fluid writing. Step by step, pen in hand, you practise writing using the grids and exercises available. To go even further, you’ll learn to vary writing direction and reproduce hieroglyphic compositions. A short history of the Egyptian language helps to understand how the writing evolved. Lastly, you can practise what you have learned with effective exercises and learn to write your name in hieroglyphs!

  • Introduction to writing in hieroglyphs
  • Exercises and specific training

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